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Example Verse

Cross references are indicated by an icon.
Icons within or at the end of a verse link to verses that meaning, background, or context.

Clicking on the word will take you to the full definition.

Isa11:1 And there shall come forth

a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots;

Isa11:2 And the Spirit

of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord;

Isa11:3 And shall make him of quick understanding

in the fear of the Lord; and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears;


There are several icons which indicate there is additional information available

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In the upper right corner of each page is the search box.

3Scriptures.com searches the whole website.
Other choices limit the search to that volume , book or section.

  1. Click the drop-down menu to select the range
  2. Enter the search term or terms in the text box.
  3. Click the search button.
If there are too many matches, or no matches, look at the bottom of the results page for more ways to limit or expand your search.

Adding a * to the end of a term will match all endings. For example: 'test*' will match 'tests' 'tested' 'testing' etc.
Stop-terms are included in wildcard searches.

For example:

The query above will weight scores 100 and 500 times greater for documents containing 'term' and 'a phrase', respectively.
The scores for documents containing only 'none' will remain unchanged. The weight must be in the range of 2-10000.
Add + (inclusion) in front of weights. The results will be sorted by weighted scores.

c:   for a case sensitive search.
w:   to match whole words only.
st:   to include stop-terms.
all:   to add + in front of all terms/phrases.
match: score: date: size: title:   or   name:   for the sorting choice.
5-100:   for the number of results to display per page.
b:   to search the body (full text) of documents.
t:   to search the title of documents.
u:   to search the url of documents.
alt:   to search the alternate text in documents.
l:   to search the links in documents.
d:   to search the meta-description in documents.
k"   to search the meta-keywords in documents.
au:   to search the meta-author in documents.

For example:

The query above will perform a case sensitive search for 'term' and 'a phrase' in the body, title, and
meta-description of documents. 15 results will be displayed per page and the results will be sorted by file size.

Book Abreviations

The beginning of each verse is noted with the Book, Chapter and Verse for use on handheld devices. Abbreviations for each of the books are as follows


Gen Genesis
Exo Exodus
Lev Leviticus
Num Numbers
Deu Deuteronomy
Jsh Joshua
Jdg Judges
Rth Ruth
1Sam 1st Samuel
2Sam 2nd Samuel
1Kng 1st Kings
2Kng 2nd Kings
1Chr 1st Chronicles
2Chr 2nd Chronicles
Ezr Ezra
Neh Nehemiah
Est Esther
Job Job
Psa Psalms
Prv Proverbs
Ecc Ecclesiastes
Isa Isaiah
Jer Jeremiah
Lam Lamentations
Eze Ezekiel
Dan Daniel
Hos Hosea
Joe Joel
Amo Amos
Oba Obadiah
Jnh Jonah
Mic Micah
Nah Nahum
Hab Habakkuk
Zph Zephaniah
Hag Haggai
Zch Zechariah
Mal Malachi

Mat Matthew
Mrk Mark
Luk Luke
Jhn John
Act Acts
Rom Romans
1Cor 1st Corinthians
2Cor 2nd Corinthians
Gal Galatians
Eph Ephesians
Php Philippians
Col Colossians
1Ths 1st Thessalonians
2Ths 2nd Thessalonians
1Tim 1st Timothy
2Tim 2nd Timothy
Tit Titus
Phl Philemon
Heb Hebrews
Jam James
1Ptr 1st Peter
2Ptr 2nd Peter
1Jhn 1st John
2Jhn 2nd John
3Jhn 3rd John
Jud Jude
Rev Revelation
Book of

1Nep 1st Nephi
2Nep 2nd Nephi
Jcb Jacob
Eno Enos
Jrm Jarom
Omn Omni
WdMrm Words of Mormon
Mos Mosiah
Alm Alma
Hel Helaman
3Nep 3rd Nephi
4Nep 4th Nephi
BkMrm Book of Mormon
Eth Ether
Mri Moroni
Doctrine and

on Faith

Lec1 Lecture 1
Lec2 Lecture 2
Lec3 Lecture 3
Lec4 Lecture 4
Lec5 Lecture 5
Lec6 Lecture 6
Lec7 Lecture 7