Doctrine and Covenants

Section 117

1 Hearken to the voice of the Spirit, O ye elders of my church; the prayers of my people have prevailed with me.

2 Behold, it is wisdom in me, and expedient in my church that the chief quorums should be more nearly filled, and their organization more nearly completed Thus saith the Spirit.

3a Let my servants, William W. Blair and David H. Smith, be chosen and ordained to be counselors to my servant, the presiding elder of my church.

3b Let them be set apart to this office by the laying on of hands by my servants whose duty it is to ordain and set in order the officers of my church;

3c and let my servants, the president of the high priests' quorum and the president of the lesser priesthood, also lay their hands upon these their brethren who are to be counselors, but let my servants of the Twelve be the spokesmen.

4a Let my servants William H. Kelley, Thomas W. Smith, James Caffall, John H. Lake, Alexander H. Smith, Zenas H. Gurley, and Joseph R. Lambert, be chosen as especial witnesses, even of the Quorum of Twelve, for they are called thereunto, that they may take this ministry upon them.

4b Let them be ordained and set apart to this office by the laying on of the hands of my servants Joseph Smith, Jason W. Briggs, and William W. Blair.

5 Verily, I say unto you, If these my servants will henceforth magnify their calling in honor before me, they shall become men of power and excellent wisdom in the assemblies of my people.

6 Let the names of my servants Daniel B. Rasey and Reuben Newkirk be taken from the record of the Quorum of the Twelve and placed with the records of the names of the elders, and let them labor as elders, and their labors will be accepted by me.

7a It is my will that my servants, Jason W. Briggs, Josiah Ells, and Edmund C. Briggs, remain and stand in their lot as especial witnesses before me.

7b Let them diligently labor in their ministry, encouraging and directing their brethren in their labors.

7c It is expedient for the good of my cause that my servant Jason take the active oversight of this quorum.

8a Let my servants Archibald M. Wilsey, William D. Morton, and George Rarick, be ordained high priests:

8b and let my servants E. C. Brand, Charles W. Wandell, and Duncan Campbell be appointed as special witnesses of the Seventy in their places;

8c and let my servants Joseph Lakeman, Glaud Rodger, John T. Davies, and John S. Patterson be also appointed as witnesses of the Seventy before me.

9a Until such time as the quorum of the Twelve shall be filled, the decision of that quorum, a unanimous decision, shall be accounted final, as if such quorum were filled, according to my law as given in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants.

9b And until such time as the quorum of the Seventy shall be filled, their decision, if unanimous and agreeing with that of the quorum of the Twelve, shall be considered the same as if the quorum were filled.

10a It is expedient that the Bishop of my church shall choose two counselors, and that they be ordained to their office as my law directs, that there may be henceforth no caviling among my people.

10b The bishop of my church may also choose and appoint Bishop's agents, until it shall be wisdom in me to ordain other bishops, in the districts and large branches of my church.

11a It is not expedient in me that there shall be any stakes appointed until I command my people. When it shall be necessary I will command that they be established.

11b Let my commandments to gather into the regions round about, and the counsel of the elders of my church guide in this matter until it shall be otherwise given of me.

12 Behold, if my servants and my handmaidens, of the different organizations for good among my people, shall continue in righteousness, they shall be blessed, even as they bless others of the household of faith.

13 Let contentions and quarrelings among you cease. Sustain each other in peace, and ye shall be blessed with my Spirit, in comforting and strengthening you for my work.

14 It is not expedient that I command you further at this time; but be ye diligent, wise, and faithful, doing all things with an eye single for the glory of your God, and for the good of his people. Thus saith the Lord Amen.

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